Monday, June 17, 2024

If you go down to the woods today...

 Despite a mixed weather forecast, Sunday morning seemed rain free so we took a chance and headed back to Swarland Woods to look for invertebrates. 

Only our second visit here after a brief inspection in the spring, we walked a similar route, taking us clockwise around the outer edge of the wood. Under the trees, it was quite dark now that the leaves were fully open resulting in it being very quiet with little of note to see. 

Once out on the sunnier rides, things improved with lots of insects in various attractive spots.

Of the ones I have been able to identify, often through photographs, 5 species were new to me (bold).

Hoverfly Xylota segnis lots

Hoverfly Sericomyia silentis

Hoverfly Volucella bombylans several

Tenthredo maculata

Sawfly Tenthredo maculata several

Club horned Sawfly Abia faciata

Club horned Sawfly Abia faciata egg laying on honeysuckle, quite scarce I believe.

Long horned Moth Nemophora degeerella 

Long horned Moth Nemophora degeerella 10+ lekking in a sunny glade, lovely.

Green Dock Beetle now pink

Green Dock Beetle now pink.

Blue tailed Damselfly

Large Red Damselfly

Micro Moth Micropterix aruncell

Micro Moth Micropterix aruncella  

Speckled Longhorn Beetle

Speckled Longhorn Beetle several.

Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle

Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle, several all on dog rose.

Tetragnatha spiders.

Weevil Polydrusus pterygomalis

A small green Weevil Polydrusus pterygomalis on sycamore.

Figwort Weevil Cionus scrophulariae

Figwort Weevil Cionus scrophulariae 9+ on foodplant. A target of mine for some years so pleased to finally find some. 

Snipe Fly Chrysopilus cristatus

Snipe Fly Chrysopilus cristatus 2, male and female.

Large Knapweed Aphids Uroleucon jacaea

Large Knapweed Aphids Uroleucon jacaea on knapweed showing very unexpected behaviour by all of them waving side to side like tiny out of sync flags. Maybe a county first as not found near here.

Its days like these when some detective work combined with expert help from Facebook specialist groups work wonders.

Later in the afternoon when returned from a meal out, we were very surprised to see a Common Shrew hunting around the short grass of our drive . It reminded me of the Water Shrew we saw in the open a few years back. I managed a few record shots then it went back into cover behind the bird feeders.


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