Monday, June 24, 2024


On a fine warm summers day there is no finer place to be than in a Northumberland Dune system. Today we visited Birling Links a few miles down the road from us. Its a good spot as it takes a bit of a walk to get there, so tourists are few and far between.

Our goals today were to check out the flora and try to get a photo of the Wolf Spider Arctosa perita that we saw last year but without a macro lens. No birds at all went into the notebook, probably because my head was down and eyes were focussed to under a metre. Its probably best to let the photos do the talking...

View North towards Alnmouth.

Dune flora reminds me of the machair in the Hebrides

Bee Orchid



Depressaria daucella caterpillar on Hemlock Water Dropwort

Drinker moth caterpillar are common here.

Not too sure but looks like an Ectimnius Digger Wasp with prey.

Dune Chafer 

Garden Tiger caterpillar

Micropterix aruncella

Coastal Silver Stiletto Fly

Coastal Silver Stiletto Fly

One of the Spider Hunting Wasps poss Priocnemis parvula or Caliadurgus sp? Witha  Wolf Spider 

Yellow-tail Moth caterpillar, the first one of these larvae Ive seen.

The main target, Arctosa perita found on the bare sandy patches. What a stunner...

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