Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its here!

New PC arrived today, but as you can imagine setting up and transferring data from this one to the new one isnt a job for a donkey wearing boxing, I will get a professional to sort things out after the bank hol. I hope to be back blogging soon....

As a short update, I could have had a nice post last week. John and myself took a trip north of the border ( by 5 miles) to a colony of Small Blue butterflies. We had about 20+ on a nice hot day. I've been a bit busy of late to see very much else, artwork for a chap from Notts, visiting Jane's sister and new baby in Northants, writing some articles on the local wildllife for a book about our village , village hall duties, and last night I gave a talk on moths of Howick to Alnwick Wildlife Group. It seemed to go down well, with lots of questions and interest afterwards. Oh and I forgot I still have to fit in work!

Back soon...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Partially postponed.

Hi all, this PC is still causing no end of sluggish behaviour on the blog front. But, help is nigh, I have ordered one of these...MEGA PC!

Hopefully normal service, with photo's 'n' that will be resumed as soon as poss....

Monday, May 07, 2012

This week's update...

The first week of May has pretty much followed in the footsteps of April. Cold.

I am convinced now though that better weather is just around the corner...

On Monday evening a short walk with Bunty up towards Hips Heugh to check for Ring Ouzels, did not find the mark, but 6 Wheatears were a bonus, plus 2 adult Brown Hares and 3 leverets in one field. A Roe doe was flushed on the way up.

On Tuesday after work we walked up the coast path to check Cullernose Point for Spring Squill flowering. This went the same way as the Ring Ouzel hunt-  none were in bloom. The first Sea Pinks were in flower though and the Kittiwake colony were very much in 'full song'. Another 3 leverets were in the Scar field here, showing that there is a good population around here. More concerning, 9 Swallows headed purposefully south along the cliffs. An omen for forthcoming weather?

Saturday am was bright after sleet and 1 degree at midnight last night.

A Stoat was being hounded by a dozen Jackdaws along the road through the village before it could reach the cover of some ivy. One or two butterflies were in sheltered spots -  2 male Orange Tip and 1 Peacock at the top of the Long Walk and a Small White was in the garden. A Whimbrel was feeding on the rocks in the bay this evening.

On Sunday, the first Whitethroat arrived in the village. JWR and myself headed onto new territory, when we checked out Roddam Dene and Harehope woods. The cold suppressed birds and butterflies, but some flowers were struggling through - Greater Stitchwort, Bluebells, Wood Sorrel, Leopards Bane, Ramsons, Wood Rush, Woodruff, Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage, Water Avens, Wood Forget-me-not, Violet, Primrose and Red Campion were all noted.

Roddam Dene and footbridge.