Garden Moth Project 2009 - 2020.

Since Summer 2009 I have been moth trapping regularly in my garden. Here is my list up to March 2021. Click on it for a full view. There are 573 species recorded on site so far and a few new species are recorded each year. The pictures are of some scarce Northumberland species mostly single garden records unless otherwise stated in the caption.

My garden 125w Robinson in position.

Convolvulus Hawk-moth 7th October 2020.

Dusky Sallow 12th August 2016

Great Brocade three records 24/07/11, 21/08/15 and 06/08/16

Micropterix aruncella 15th June 2014

Heart and Club 3rd July 2014

Tawny Pinion 31st October 2009 County third

Gem 15th October 2010

Pearly Underwing two records 31/10/14 and 11/10/19

Vestal 23rd October 2017

Fen Wainscot 12th August 2011 County second

Silky Wainscot 13th June 2017

Bedstraw Hawk-moth 13th July 2014

Feathered Ranunculus 24th September 2017 County First

Peacock Moth 27th July 2019 County second

Scarce Bordered Straw 1st September 2017

Saltern Ear 4th July 2011

Haworth's Minor 3rd September 2013

Orange Sallow 03/09/13 and 28/09/14

Annulet 25/08/13, 23/08/15 and 02/08/18

Blackneck 22nd July 2019

Glaucous Shears 15th May 2017

Northern Deep Brown Dart 09/09/12 and 21/08/18

Miller 13th June 2011

Anomalous 16th September 2018

Alder Moth 1st June 2017

Seraphim 1st June 2017

Lyme Grass 24/07/12, 22/07/13 and 25/06/15

Triple-spotted Pug 21/07/10 and 18/07/19 

Slender Pug 12th August 2016

Small Yellow Wave 12/07/14 and 23/07/16

Dingy Shell 18/07/13 and 13/06/17

Common Emerald 22nd July 2020

Brown-tail 8th July 2023 Small influx after none since 2003.

Cream bordered Green Pea 28th July 2023 First for Northumberland

European Corn Borer 22nd June 2023 First for VC68 4th county record.

Radford's Flame Shoulder 8th October 2021 the first for the North of England!

Plain Pug 18th July 2022

Small Mottled Willow 22nd August 2022 first VC68.