Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brief Encounter.

I do like a chance encounter with wildlife. We were looking from our kitchen window this afternoon when this Brown Hare gambolled past. I popped out, camera in hand, but I was too slow, more like a tortoise, and the hare had made a sharp exit.

Half an hour later, there he is again, cantering around, stopping to snack on grass, so I headed him off by peeping over our garden wall. Our meeting lasted all of 2 minutes as he trotted towards me, then carried along on his way.

It may have been brief, but very nice all the same.


Johnnykinson said...

I remember seeing quite a few in the fields beside the coastal path near your place when John and i came up for the MEGA MOTH.

John the Gardener said...

Always found something special about watching Hares cavort in the fields. Nice pictures for such a brief encounter.

Amanda Peters said...

Lovely shots, something special about a Hare.
Amanda xx