Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A flurry...

..of blog posts.

Those of you who thought I'd had a big 'drift' of Snow Buntings are to be disappointed. Work beckoned today, this means that I will not see daylight at home on my patch before Saturday. The plus side though is that I am off most of next week, due to pet care issues, so weather permitting I should boost the Howick list little bit.

Just scanning down the blog I see that I have a few more followers than I expected, maybe due to my recent Twitter activity ( @Stewchat) or maybe not. I also see that in 2012 I only made 67 posts on 'From the Notebook' though other moth related posts were on 'The Orthosia Enthusiast'. This is my worst year on here since I began blogging in 2006. Even then in 6 months I had 85 posts. So its time to get my finger out and get back to blogging basics. I'll be putting 'TOE' on hold and joining my moth posts in with this lot.

In 2013 I will try and A) See stuff to blog about and B) Blog about it once seen.

Please have patience...


Anonymous said...

"In 2013 I will try and A) See stuff to blog about and B) Blog about it once seen."

Me and you both mate.

Yellowbelly in Exile said...

So we will all be able to enjoy quantity as well as quality.

I enjoy your blog because it exudes enthusiasm for your patch and the illustrations are great.

Stewart said...

Deano - Good luck matey, I'm watching for some new stuff on there.

Andrew - Cheers, though I'm not sure about quality!