Friday, October 09, 2009

A day late...

Last evening I took a dusk walk down to the Howick Teepee and back by the coast path with the little terror.

A flock of 22 Grey Partridges was the only thing of note on the way but on the return it picked up a bit.

A Kingfisher whistled past my ear as it flew south down the coast path off the rock pools. At Howick Haven a large wader roost had gathered with 211 Oystercatchers, 200 Lapwings, 20 each Redshank and Turnstone and a single Dunlin.

Walking up from Rumbling Kern a female Merlin dashed up the rocks then south.

Tawny Owls are vociferous this week with up to 5 birds hooting or keewicking from all over, even in my garden. A Barn Owl can be heard hissing at times too.

Tonight the wind is rattling the windows in time with spattered rain drops. It is ever so slightly SE so you never know it might drop a migrant in. The way its been this month I would be pleased with a few Redwings...

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abbey meadows said...

4 Redwings flying SE over Morpeth this afternoon.