Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Waxwing Blogging

 A nice sunny lunchtime walk to the Pond Field today when, on route I noticed a car parked on the roadside opposite the pink rowan tree. As I passed I said to the occupants, 'Waxwings?' They replied that there were three birds still and as I watched the birds flew up into a birch across the road. I said there had been 40 odd last week but most had moved on. 

The couple of observers were on holiday from Yorkshire and asked if I wrote 'the blog'. 'Yes, I do'  I replied. They went on to say they had hoped to see some Waxwings on their visit and had googled them, then found my blog that gave them an idea where to look.  Isn't that nice!  Sometimes I wonder what the point of the blog is, but its these occasional little interactions that make it more worthwhile. 

I'm sure they enjoyed the birds, after all, its not often you find a tree with Waxwings that doesn't have a togger hiding below it.

On Monday in foul weather conditions, 9 Waxwings dropped into our village hall car park for 5 minutes before flying off back towards the rowan, so there may be other birds still hanging around somewhere.

We continued our walk down to the Pond Field. The pond sluice was open to reduce levels as the lane into our village was like a river on Monday. 2 Teal, 2 Mallard and a Little Grebe were the only things present but the Chiffchaff was still calling in cover in the wet wood.


Dylan Wrathall said...

Hi Stewart,
That conversation with complete strangers, purely because of blogging, is so weird. Today, whilst down on the Royal Military Canal, a dog walker came up to me and said he'd seen my blog and "what's the interest in moths all about?" It would seem that these two incidents are exactly why we blog? Conversations, with complete strangers, purely because of our desire to share our personal journey on this cyber platform.
Not seen a Waxwing on Thanet so far this winter, but it's early days and there are plenty of Rowan berries waiting to be eaten.
All the best - Dylan

Stewart said...

Hi Dyl,
Yes, great isnt it. I remember one lady emailed me some years ago when she was on holiday to Boulmer saying she was disappointed not to bump into me and the dog! I explained that I work through the week but had she wanted me to show her around or give advice I could have arranged something if she'd contact me in advance.

No doubt you will get some waxwings before spring on your rowans. Good luck.

Oh and what are those moths all about! ;)

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Stewart

The Wessex Reiver said...

As Dylan says, it is interesting why we blog and who reads it. I sometimes think no one reads these postings then randomly I'll meet a friend or colleague and they'll say "loved that post on X or y" or "I see you went to X or y, we went too after reading your blog". Years ago when I had more time and used Twitter regularly to say things nature related I rolled up at a butterfly training day only to be greeted by the leader "ahh Wessex Reiver it's so good to meet you at last". So there we go, if we make a small difference to just one person that's all good in my book. No waxwing here but the rooks were perched in pairs or fiddling about with nests yesterday (Dec 11) in 13 degree sunshine. Strange times.

Stewart said...

keep it up Andrew! Waxwings still on their way to you....