Monday, July 31, 2023


 I used to enjoy Twitter. Now that a billionaire Bond Villain has taken over, Twitter has gone the way of so many free birds and died the death. the blue bird is no more,and the site is now called 'X'. It has basically gone down the Xitter so to speak.

I've taken a few days out over this weekend and I'll see how it goes from there. It'll be a shame to drop it all together as I have enjoyed engaging with like minded people I've never met. Time will tell.

After the seawatching of a week ago abated my attention was drawn again to the garden moth trap.  Looking back I see Ive not mentioned it for a few weeks so here are some pics of what has been occurring...

Gold Spangle, always nice to catch. I get single figures each year. Not a rare moth in the county.

Large Twin Spot Carpet. Zero to Hero. No records prior to 2018 here, now I have 49 records of over 70 individuals.

Ash Pug.

Crambus perlella barely annual.

This moth, Dingy Footman has a more meteoric rise than the Large Twin spot Carpet. Still very scarce in the county as a whole but not here. No records before 2018 now its common with 33 individuals this month alone!

Still catching a few Garden Tigers.

Sand Dart is a scarce species in the county, this is my second this year.

Cream bordered Green Pea. An unbelievable first for Northumberland in my trap the other day, found nowhere near the north East of England.

Dark Spinach, just about annual here, scarce generally.

Yellow Tail. Used to be rare in the county but also on the move. 5 individuals in the garden since the first in 2019.

An upside down Brown China Mark. Not a rare moth but always adds some interest, especially when the prefer to hang upside down like this.

Brown Line Bright Eye. Used to be much commoner but only singles in 22 and so far in 23.

Burnished Brass a common bread and butter species but it was nice to get one feeding for a change.

Dingy Footman of the pale form. Only about 1 in 10 here look like this.

Least Yellow Underwing, used to be quite scarce but now a late summer regular.

The Old Lady rarely enters my trap so few records but as soon as the old fruit and sugar mix is out she loves it.

I believe this is Brown Plume, only caught the other day, a garden first.


Gavin Haig said...

A mouth-watering set of moths, Stew. Congrats on your county first! Not a rare moth down here of course, but I'll bet some of those others are. 😊

Stewart said...

Cheers Gav.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Nice. Yesterday I did my first ever moth trap event. Loved it, and now I understand why I've loved your postings about moths for so many years. Great set.

Stewart said...

Oh yes as Gvain above shows, it can be very addictive...

Alastair said...

I've just dumped my X account, short explanation on my blog. A shame, as you say, a good way of connecting with like-minded folk and with old friends but I just couldn't do with it anymore. Some super moths there, and I love the illustrations.

Stewart said...

Hi Al, just dont dump the blog!

Sal said...

That’s an amazing selection! 😁