Sunday, April 03, 2016

Smuggy McSmugface...

Before reading this post please read my previous entry. Especially the last bit where I tell you about my plans for this morning. Its not often that bird predictions come true, unless you are talking about little auks that is, but today did just that. John picked me up a bit later than normal so we just popped down to Craster to have a look for some migrants. In my mind, I had Wheatears and maybe a Black Redstart, Ring Ouzel or Firecrest as outside bets coming off the light SE breeze and drizzle overnight.

Craster Harbour

At Craster I suggested the first spot to check was the harbour where there is often rotting seaweed to attract birds to feed on the attending insects. We had only walked a couple of paces when a bird flicked up the rocky south face of the harbour and back down. A sharp hiss at John to look at this and bingo there was our Black Redstart! First bird looked at in Craster. I didnt see one on patch last year so this was very welcome and, dare I say it, deserved. We could have gone south to Tynemouth for the bird that has been around for several weeks but whats the point of that? Black Redstarts are out there for the finding if you just keep a weather eye open and go to the right habitat. Today there have been a few dotted around Northumberland, but none are as good as one self found.

And you know, we never once asked anyone 'Can you tell me where the..... is'

Above - Black Redstart in various poses.
 Quite a few birds were feeding on a hatch of black flies in the harbour this morning, including 9 Purple Sandpipers, 10+ Turnstones, 2 Pied Wagtails, a Robin, several Jackdaws and a Rook.

Er, whats going on?
On our way back to the car, 5+ Chiffchaffs were singing in the Arnold Reserve and back at home, 6 Bramblings are still in the stubble near the Old Rectory. Not a bad two hours out....


Amanda Peters said...

Black Redstart beautiful bird..
Amanda xx

Stewart said...

Thanks Amanda

JWR said...

liking that Wren