Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our Garden....#2

What a lovely day to sit around the garden today. Jane is away to Newcastle with friends so I've pottered around cutting the grass and taking some pics...

 Above - This is our 'no mow' bit of lawn, its full of Cats Ear, Clover, Daisies and some Bugle.

This Red tailed Bumblebee is doing a good job pollinating the flowers.

Above - Our hedge. We planted this from odds and sods and its coming along well. It has held Barred Warbler in the past ( have I mentioned that before?)

Above - This is the far end of the hedge in the other shot. Just planted a year ago, the dog roses are flowering for the first time this summer.

Above - The hebe is covered in bumblers, including Early Bumblebee ( above), Tree Bumblebee, White and Buff tailed Bumblebees and Common Carder Bee.

But a real exciting bit happened as I was cutting the grass. This Sparrowhawk dived through my neighbours shrubs and emerged witha juvvy Starling to eat on the lawn!

I was out of its line of sight behind the sweet peas so I dashed inside, grabbed the camera and stalked carefully back to get some shots before it flew off, taking its meal with it. Lovely!


Warren Baker said...

Thought for a minute that Sprawk had caught a Barred Warbler :-)

Unknown said...

Top Gun!

Great stuff Stewart

Derek Faulkner said...

Now that's my kind of garden, great for wildlife and great for not having to do much in, 'cept photograph the wildlife - looks great.

Amanda Peters said...

What a nice surprise, it's one of those moments do you stay and watch, or get the camera and risk it flying of! glad it stayed ,great shots..
Amanda xx

Stewart said...

Warren - Maybe in August ;)
Mick - Cheers
Derek - Thats what I hope to achieve in the garden - looks fine, good for wildlife and not too much work!
Amanda - These days I always try and record for posterity...