Monday, June 22, 2015

Ariundle Oakwoods, Strontian....

During the week away, we made a couple of visits up to Ariundle Oakwoods to look for butterflies. This is a lovely spot with some ancient atlantic oak wood still left hidden behind some younger forestry type planting. Unfortunately during the time of our visits, butterflies were quite scarce. It was sunny at times but often breezy and cool.

Ariundle Oakwoods, Strontian.

Above - The views along the Strontian River.
While checking a spot nearby for Marsh Fritillary, we came upona single Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth nectaring on Bluebells. It looked a bit like a Hummingbird Hawk-moth but the clear black lined wings on the orange and black striped body were very distinctive. Face on it looks like a mini red-legged partridge! 

Narrow bordered Bee Hawk-moth, near the Ben View Hotel, Strontian.
Down in the woods, there were no Pearl bordered or Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, but a couple of Chequered Skippers took advantage of sheltered sunny spots along the main path to forage. I see these nice little butterflies most times we visit the area but never tire of them. Great little things...
Along the path side, a few plants in flower including Cow Wheat, Bluebells, Stichwort and a new one for me, Marsh Violet.

Chequered Skipper. I couldnt get it to land on a bluebell this time.
Marsh Violet.
A Red Deer stag without antlers...


Ian Doyle said...

Great photos Stewart

Wilma said...

Great images of the hawkmoth!