Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grey Wagtail, Beal Bank, Warkworth.

Not a bad weekend for weather, with yesterday being the better of the two days. Today is dull and overcast with some mist all day.

On Saturday I had a short seawatch at Craster with little to show for it other than a few Shelduck N and 3 Red throated Divers on the sea with a dozen Gannets distantly. From here a short wander around produced the hoped for Willow Tits in the area with two birds calling and one seen well.

Today I've been down to see John at the Coquet Estuary.

Remarkably my very first bird of the day seen in the half light of dawn was from the moving car when a fw Iceland Gull was a shining beacon of white on the river above the weir at Warkworth. Much rarer than Glaucous Gull here, it was a surprise indeed. After hastily swinging the car into the layby and calling John who was waiting for me at the marina, we watched the gull bathe for 10 minutes or so before flying off down river where we couldn't relocate it.

The rest of the morning was spent covering the Warkworth Gut and North pier areas, but there was not much else of note. There were plenty of gulls, waders and wildfowl though, so we enjoyed checking through them....

Above - poor quality images of Iceland Gull, due to the low light levels...

  93.Willow Tit


Amanda Peters said...

We have two Grey Wagtails on the beck that runs through the park, not been able to get a photo yet.And they are quite common down at the old sewage works, lovely bird.
Amanda xx

Stewart said...

They are one of my favourite birds Amanda, but they're very skittish... good luck with the photo.