Monday, January 19, 2015

Black necked Grebes.

Over recent weeks two Black-necked Grebes have been living in Seahouses harbour, so today I thought I would meet up with Gary for a chat and maybe get a chance of a photo or two of them. One of the birds legged it out of the harbour pretty much as soon as I arrived, but the other continued to feed between the walls and boats. It led us a merry dance though, often over on the opposite side to where we were, but after some 'Benny Hill' style chasing around between lobster pots and rope piles, we managed some pleasing pics.

What a great little bird, it was even heard calling to its buddy who was making itself scarce on the open sea.It was scared when a large bull Grey Seal popped its head up next to it right inside the inner harbour.

Black-necked Grebes used to be a good breeding bird in Northumberland, with one inland water holding up to 16 pairs plus non breeders. The sight of 40 Black-necked Grebes in breeding plumage swimming between the flowers of amphibious bistort and water lillies was a annual spring highlight up here. One year when I went, there was a summer plumaged Slavonian Grebe in with the Black-neckeds! What a picture that would have made...    


Back at home, a flock of 200 Pink footed Geese and 30+ Greylags flew south, while the birds feeding in the coast path pasture continues to increase - 100+ Redwings, 3 Fieldfares, 12+ Mistle Thrushes, 50+ Golden Plovers and 40+ Lapwings.

76. Greylag Goose.

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