Monday, July 01, 2013

24 years....gone.

Ian Fisher called me today with the news that a Bridled Tern was on Inner Farne.

Northumberland has had a few records of this mega from tropical oceans, and each time one turns up I get a  panic on. Not because I am dying to see it and add it to my list, oh no, the exact opposite in fact - I'm gutted in case other county listers add it to their lists!

The reason is, that Bridled Tern is about the only massive 'blocker' I have on my Northumberland list that a lot of county birders are still missing. I was lucky enough to see the bird in '88 at Hauxley, then almost a year on, to the day, jammed in on it again at the exact same spot in '89. On the 12th and 16th July respectively.

But, now, after 24 years, my blocker has finally been unblocked and all of those who wanted it, sailed over to the Farnes this evening and got great views near the boat landing.

Oh well, congratulations to the lads who have waited a third of a lifetime for a twitchable one, I'm glad you finally caught up with it.

(Now what will I talk about when I'm pissed? Bastard! :)


ST said...

The Irish ambassador

Anonymous said...

It happens to the best Stu, like Roger and the Cattle Egret-we get you eventually!

Stewart said...

ST - yes, thats the one! Ill use that! Again...

ASJ - Yes I know :) Now, where's that Red eyed Vireo...