Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloody Blogger, any ideas?

I've removed my patch list from the side bar because it has just stopped working. I am unable to add to it. All that keeps coming up is that Javascript is void??? As I have no idea what the hell that means I've removed it all.


HowdonBlogger said...

Have you just installed something new, if so uninstall it and try again.

Also its possible some scripts have been disabled so If you are using Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Go to Security and choose “Custom Level”. Scroll through the list until you see “scripting”. Click to enable it.

If its none of these then you might have to try somebody who knows something about computers (a 13yr old kid)


just had another thought malware and popup blockers also cause javascript to malfunction so if you are using them try turning them off while you access Blogger. Is there not a blogger forum somewhere ?

Alan Tilmouth said...

Not something even simpler - perhaps it got too big for the space?
Two solutions 1) Create a new page on the blog and enter the patch list on there (see my blog and the About Page) or 2) Create a list post dated 1 Jan add the list there with a link in the sidebar (see my self found or moths lists).

Northumbrian Birding said...

I think Alan is right your just seeing to many birds.

Warren Baker said...

I can only dream of getting a list big enough to upset the java script :-) :-) :-)

Stringer said...

I always use blogger help when I have problems, there's usually and answer on there somewhere.....