Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Moths...


Frosted Orange

Pine Carpet

Brown Spot Pinion

Epinotia nisella

Acleris aspersana

Agriphila geniculea

Friday and Saturday produced 942 moths of 60 species. These were the new additions to the list taking me to 293 for the garden this year.

The SW winds slowed down the patch birding this weekend. A family party of 4 Buzzards were over the pond field, and that was the highlight. A Sparrowhawk took a House Sparrow in our garden right in front of us. It was lucky not to end up as Bunty fodder! She isn't keen on birds flapping around, anything bigger than Starling is seen as fair game...


Wilma said...

The frosted orange and brown spot pinion are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Cracking moth photos as always, Stewart.

Our the dog`s the same, with a dislike to pigeons & doves, in particular.

Emma Anderson said...

The Frosted Orange is a beautiful moth, Stewart.