Thursday, August 05, 2010


A cool breezy clear night reduced the moth catch significantly last night but I was pleased witha few new ones for the garden.

Double Lobed

Purple Thorn

Flounced Rustics

Of 114 moths of 26 species, these are noteworthy -

Flounced Rustic 5 NFY

Double Lobed 1 new. Well, not really. I caught one last week and released it as a Common Rustic despite 'grilling' it for some time. I knew it was different! Its a good job this one has made an appearance.Lesson 1 learnt.

Slender Brindle 1. Caught before bed last night but, again, I though Common Rustic and dropped it in the trap. This morning another going over was faffed and it flew off just as I was realising what it was! Bugger, back to the drawing board. This is a rare species up here... 

Purple Thorn 1 new, another good species up here.

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