Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weekends highlights...

Green Pug

Tawny Barred Angle

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

Iron Prominent

Pebble Prominent

Muslin Footman

Bird Cherry Ermine

Dotted Clay

Plain Golden Y


The wind blew a few moths away this morning as I tried to count them up.

The total was about 358 of 73 species with a few micro's still to id.

New for the list were -

Crambus perlella 1 new
Crambus straminella 1 new
Pebble Prominent 1 NFY
Gothic 1 new
Green Pug 1 new.

Best of the rest -

Small Dotted Buff 7
Garden Tiger 8
Barred Yellow 4
Dotted Clay 2
Ingrailed Clay 1
Sandy Carpet 3
Twin spot Carpet 1
Muslin Footman 1
Ghost Moth 1
Latticed Heath 1

Micro's to follow through the week...


Ipin said...

Stewart, I get the feeling that moths have somewhat overtaken your life?

Wilma said...

Impossible to pick a favorite out of this bunch. They are all fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Some crackers there Stewart.

Emma Anderson said...

The Iron Prominent is a super moth, Stewart. A great collection.