Friday, May 21, 2010


Now things get tricky. After last nighst colour-fest, today I find a box of pugs, micros and other assorted confusing things...In with the confusion though were -

Lunar Thorn.


Syndemis musculana ( ?)

Foxglove Pug ( looks like the western hebudium?)

No big toys in last nights catch, but plenty to think through...

0986 Syndemis musculana 1 new
1288 Twenty Plume Moth 1
1728 Garden Carpet 1
1738 Common Carpet 2
1750 Water Carpet 2
1759 Small Phoenix 1
1817 Foxglove Pug 1 new a very plae whitish individual.
1834 Common Pug 4
1852 Brindled Pug 1
1918 Lunar Thorn 2 new
1902 Brown Silver-line 1
1920 Scalloped Hazel 1
2060 White Ermine 1
2078 Least Black Arches 9 ( Keith was right!)
2092 Shuttle shaped Dart 1
2123 Small Square Spot 7
2173 Lychnis 1 new
2187 Common Quaker 1
2188 Clouded Drab 4
2190 Hebrew Character 6
2334 Rustic shoulder Knot 1
2425 Nut Tree Tussock 1

Total 52 moths of 24 species. I've been on all night sorting them out...


Alan Tilmouth said...

There is a rather miffed face in the left wing of that very impressive Lunar Thorn. I think I'd crap myself if I found one of them.

ST said...

Does the increased activity around the lamp, increase the bat activity in your garden?

Anonymous said...

Syndemis musculana ( ?)
Looks good enough to me, Stewart and well done on all the new ones.

Stewart said...

Cheers Dean, more un identified to follow...

Steve, no not really...

Emma Anderson said...

Mothing just gets better and better for you Stewart. I'm waiting in eager anticipation for my trap to arrive.

Emma Anderson said...
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