Sunday, May 16, 2010


After last nights moth trapping, today was warm and sunny with odd light showers. I did an atlas tetrad in an undisclosed location nearby, where the best record was the confirmed breeding of some old acquaintances. The Ravens that spent winter here have a nest with at least 2 large young that were stretching their wings ready to fly. This is the first lowland breeding Ravens I've heard of in the county, and right on the patch too, how lucky is that!

Mid morning, I had returned home for breakfast and was greeted by the sound of a singing Quail out in the field behind the house. It could be heard clearly, but as usual it remained unseen. Tonight I heard it again, this time very close, in the darkness where the local Barn Owl was seen hunting before flying right over our house.

The Quail is a great addition to the OFFH list, and makes it two years in succession I've heard one from the garden.

OFFH 127.


Emma Anderson said...

Ravens are great birds to see, Stewart, and how lucky to have them on your doorstep. The first time I recall seeing Ravens was years ago when I backpacked from Torridon into Applecross. I walked up The pass of the cattle and thought I could hear Raven as I approached the summit. Just over the top, there they were, mobbing a Golden Eagle - wonderful.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Great they have bred, hopefully the first of many, it would be marvelous to see them spread into all the areas of suitable habitat in Northumberland.

Warren Baker said...

What a good little spot you have there Stewart - any houses for sale up there :-)