Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Shuttle shaped Dart

Broken barred Carpet Small Phoenix ( Thanks Dean, Tom, Mark et al I had a proper blackish patterned one today )

Buff Tip

I make no apologies for the moth dominance on here lately. They are fantastic with even more variation and species than birds....

Mild last night, 8 degrees but clear.

Numbers still low, but new species flooding in...
1773 Broken barred Carpet 1 new.
1902 Brown Silver Line 1 new
1994 Buff Tip 1 new (only my second ever, the last over 10 years ago)
2060 White Ermine 1
2063 Muslin 1
2092 Shuttle shaped Dart 1 female new for the year.
2188 Clouded Drab 3
2190 Hebrew Character 6

18 moths of 8 species.

The Buff Tip was pristine and sitting in a shrub next toi the trap this morning. I've showed it to the whole village just about! They were most impressed...


Broom Birder said...

Great photos Stewart........I'm still yet to see a Buff Tip.


Skev said...

Glad to be seeing a bit of variety at last eh Stewart?

You might want to double-check that BB Carpet though .... Waring page 136.

Anonymous said...

Mark`s right Stewart.

Buff Tips are one smart moth. Well done mate.

Emma Anderson said...

The Buff Tip is very beautiful, Stewart - it looks like a twig. In fact, looking at my book, all of the 'prominents' and 'kittens' are attractive (although some not as much as their caterpillars).

Bennyboymothman said...

Good stuff Stewart, we are finally out of the Moth lull! new species very night now, including new for site/garden, so it can't be bad!

abbey meadows said...

I used to see Buff tips on the side of the railway track in the early mornings at Felton Lane. Smart moths.