Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Moth Trapping....

Some variety! Including a new one for me...

0663 Diurnea fagella 2
0672 Parsnip Moth 2
0688 Agonopterix heracliana 3
1746 Shoulder Stripe 1
1750 Water Carpet 4
1917 Early Thorn 1
1862 Double striped Pug 1
2078 Least Black Arches 1 ( new species for me, left)
2139 Red Chestnut 2
2179 Pine Beauty 1
2186 Powdered Quaker 2
2187 Common Quaker 6
2188 Clouded Drab 23
2190 Hebrew Character 24

73 moths of 14 species


Anonymous said...

I see the Orthosia`s are still dominating things, Stewart. Well done on the Least Black Arches.

IanG said...

As you mentioned the Orthosias are thinning out here in Derby but I did get 2 Drabs last night so they haven't gone completely.

Warren Baker said...

Ok, I'm going to be a complete prat here.....what the significance of the 4 digits before the moths name ?

I thought it was the time you caught the moth!!

Stewart said...

Hi Warren. The numbers are specific to each moth species. Its a code that keeps them in correct order, a bit like Voous for birds, except that wasnt organised enough to number them!

Dean - Yes, for the first time last night Heebies weren't top of the pops!

Ian - It must be nice to get so much variety down there. Next time I'm in the south on holiday the trap is coming with me!

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Stewart, I haven't dropped by in awhile, but getting ready to come over on Monday to England! Can't Wait!!
I'm working on my website today and thought I'd visit your link from my Nature Links page, funny, the post I just did today is of a Moth.
Can you tell me more about how you Moth Trap? I want to learn more about them, would love to study them while in Northumberland.