Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friggin Magnificent!

News on the pager tonight is of a juvenile Frigatebird sp flew SW over Huddersfield early this morning...Where has that gone? It might be in SW Yorkshire somewhere...Dean, over to you ;)

Alternatively it could have been in the same category as multiple Eleonoras Falcons ( Hobbyperegrines), Rubythroat ( Bluethroat), Eastern Olivaceous Warbler (Barred Warbler) Oriental Turtle Dove (Turtle Dove) and many more stringy megas this year.

It is getting worse isn't it.

Oh I hear too that a recently found dead Black Guillemot in Scotland has been stuffed and flogged on eBay to one of our local birders, except its not a a black Guille, its a Long billed Murrelet!!! Second record or Hastings part II?

Right - Juv Magnificent Frigatebird over somewhere substantially warmer than Huddersfield. Image from Net...


Anonymous said...

Didn`t know anything about it till now, Stewart.
I`m SE (i think) of Huddersfield, so i can`t possibly comment.

Warren Baker said...

naaaa! someone mistook a red kite!

Alan Tilmouth said...

Every day brings another mega, Petrels in the Severn this morning.

Emma Anderson said...

That's quite a bird to see, Stewart.