Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This weeks moths...

Above - Mottled Umber.

Above - Pink barred Sallow

Above -Red Line Quaker

Above - November Moth. Makes Square spot Rustic look like Gurneys Pitta.


Ipin said...

I put the trap out the other night after we spoke, nowt, well no macro's anyhow, just a few tortrix's!

Wilma said...

The beauty of many of them is very subtle, isn't it? Do you ever get photos of them head-on? I would love to see some from that perspective.

Stewart said...

Ipin - I've done all right lately with the lack of other lights around to distract the moths elsewhere.

Wilma - I have one or two but they are poor. I'll try and do some head shots when the chance next arises ie big moth, good light !

Thanks for the comments.

Emma Anderson said...

Lovely collection in this post, Stewart. Can't wait to get my moth trap.