Saturday, September 19, 2009


A cloudy mild night last night was quite productive for the trap. In there this morning were -

Brown spot Pinion 1
Frosted Orange 1

Lunar Underwing 4 three above were the best specimens. An 'orangy' one was with the normal greys. A new species for me.

Rosy Rustic 5
Common Marbled Carpet 3
Grey Pine Carpet 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing 1
Snout 3
Red Green Carpet 1
Large Yellow Underwing 6
Silver Y 1
Mouse 4
Square spot Rustic 12
Common Wainscot 1
Setaceous Hebrew Character 3
Garden Carpet 1

Autmnal Rustic 1 I like this one, a very pale subtle species. Looks very autumnal, like the label, again, new to me.

Canary shouldered Thorn 1 These will brighten any autumn day. I used to catch the odd one when I lived at Stobswood but I haven't seen one for many years. A nice addition to the garden list.
Small Dusty Wave 1

A nice little haul of 55 of 19 species....


Ipin said...

A crackin haul 'o'moths there Captn Sexton, ye should be mighty proud, we only managed eights scurvy specimends in our trp o the same night arrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Yeh, a good catch there, Stewart. Autumnal Rustic`s one of my faves at this time of year.

Stewart said...

Compared to other catches on the same night up north, it wasn't too bad. Yes I was well pleased with the Autumnal Rustic.

Cheers Lads...