Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ted 'n' Dusty...

I must post this out front from the comments below -

From Boulmer Birder I have been banished,
My name, my links all have vanished.
From Druridge too I’m cast adfrift
The owners of these blogs are miffed.
Lost and lonely, no Christmas cheer,
Condemned to roam the blogosphere.
Sturdy and stout these birders be,
Friend they once considered me.
What you ask was my great crime?
Four blogs, three kids, one job, no time.
Perhaps in time there’ll come a day
When once again they’ll look my way.
Welcomed back into the fold,
We’ll laugh and drink like days of old.
For now I leave you with some words
No grudge, may you always find good birds.

Its a poem from our old mucker 'The Grocer' aka 'Dusty Bins' and the man behind 'Bird North East'.

I feel bad now.

I don't have any axe to grind with our good old blogmiester, nor, I'm sure, does Ipin at Druridge. Its the same with several links I once had such as 'The Seaside Observers', its just that when blogs aren't updated that often, or not at all, they are removed in favour of those who do post on a regular basis.

I'm not talking daily posts, but weekly or fortnightly would be good, just something to keep us reading.

I mean, Dusty's last posts ( literally) were two in July and one in May, Bird North East has had nowt, other than Ipin and myself since May. On the face of it, our Rare Visitor, was not just that, he was a Mega Alert Visitor!

I have a basic rule of thumb. If any of the links attached here are not updated for a month or so they are removed, until things start up again.

Thats the thing about our Dusty Bin Grocer, he is an irruptive species, a bit like Arctic Redpoll ( I nearly said Waxwing but we see them more often). And, like those species, we would like to see more of them, so Dusty has been returned to its rightful place.

For the next month or so anyway... Eyes Right:)


Alan Tilmouth said...

Now I have a warm glow, you kept my picture.

Ipin said...

No bad feelings from me either Alan - consider yourself re-instated!

Ken. said...

Hi Stewart. I did add you to my blog,but then I decided to stay with fellow bloggers in my area.
Merry Christmas

The Wessex Reiver said...

Ahhahh whatever happened to the original Dusty Bin, such quality TV in the 80's,

Have a good xmas Stewart, more in New Year, have a look at my latest posting, lets see what we can do for a Jan 3/4 posting. All the best. BR