Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remember where you heard it first...

Freddie, now a national celeb!


Anonymous said...


When I first read your account of Freddie's adventure, you gave credit for saving him to two Amble fishermen and I thought, I wonder if one of them is my cousin, Jim ?, who is a fishermen from Amble. When I read today's posting, I was delighted to read that it was Jim and Alan , who are my mother's sister's children.

I have been visiting your blog frequently. How fortunate you are to have such wonderful sightings. I will be visiting your area in the not too distant future and will be visiting many of the places you talk about on your blog. Thanks for the great reports.

Regards, Susan

Stewart said...

Hello Susan
I'm not sure how long it is since you left the comment above, I must have missed it.

Glad you like the blog. If you want some more info on places I've mentioned feel free to email me on stewchat(a)

Cheers, S....