Monday, September 08, 2008

Using stealth and fieldcraft...

you might just see the Dotterel on Newbiggin golf course...

'I better get a shot before the golfers flush it...'

'...well it doesn't look too bothered, they've stepped over it...'

' I might circle around and get one of the twitch...'

'...softly does it...'

'..thats just about close enough before it runs away...'

'...hang on, its turning this way...'

' and running towards me!'

' Hello mate, nice pose...'

( Click on this'un )

I reckon this young Dotterel hasn't had much to do with people. It came to within 3 yards, before doing an about trun and wandering off to feed away from the birders and golfers. A belter of a lttle bird. I like the way the eye stripes form a 'd.a' cut round the back.

Also on the course were 12+ Wheatears and a nice male Redstart.

A distant 'splash' flushed the birds, sounded like a birder taking a tumble to me ;)


Kingsdowner said...

Brilliant, what a bird.

Reminds me of a Lapland Bunting seen happily feeding on the ground at Minsmere, literally surrounded by a ring of about 20 birders.

Martin said...

morinellus - the little fool.

abbey meadows said...

Great pics. I wonder if these birds will linger until next day off.

Ipin said...

Superb dots...I wosh i had gone, the last dotterel I saw in the County was on Newbiggin golf course!

Kingsdowner said...

Friend of yours here: