Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ratcheugh Observatory.

Above - This is Ratcheugh Observatory. A folly built in the mid 1700's. From our usual view ( top) it looks like a stately home, but today it was open to the public and could be seen for what it was. A large room with 360 degree views of rural north Northumberland. It is located on the road between Alnwick and Longhoughton.

Above - Views from all sides. Top west towards Alnwick complete with Castle. Next, NW to the Cheviots, SE over Amble and Coquet Island. With binoculars Souter Lighthouse at Whitburn could be seen in the extreme distance ( rain willing) and north up to Bamburgh Castle in the gloom.

All the proceeds of the day are to help a little boy with a brain tumour. I hope it raised a lot of cash.


ST said...

I have always wondered what that building was.

The Wessex Reiver said...

Blimey that's some distance to Souter, must be 30+ miles, cracking view and a good cause as you say.

Anonymous said...

in 1974 - I was a student at the University of Newcastle studying Land Surveying and....

For the Easter Field Course, we were ''billeted" at Alnwick Castle, of all places. In those days, the stable block was a Teacher Training College.

Anyhow, we had a survey station on Ratcheugh Observatory. [in fact, I think it may still be an OS trig station?]

I can still recall my fascination of the magic place. I am sure that the experience led me to my life long interest in Follies etc. So much so, that I have, for last 30 years lived in one!.

Stewart said...

Hi Anon, Its a surprise getting a comment from a post I did 8 yrs ago! I bet much has changed here since 1974 though, but the castle and Ratcheugh remain...Cheers Stewart