Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Busy Moth Trapping.

This current warm spell, I'm reluctant to call it a heatwave unless its been on until about September, has been great for garden mothing. On Friday night there were 494 moths of 95 sp and on Saturday night 719 moths of 119 sp. I was running two traps for the first time this year so these totals kept me busy all Saturday and Sunday mornings. A few good moths for here included -

This Celypha rufana is well out of range but is the 2nd Northumberland record after one in 2016. A RDB species scarce in the UK found mainly in Wales and Cumbria. 

My first Lyme Grass in 6yrs. The 4th for the garden.

Clockwise from top left - Coronet a new garden moth, Sallow Kitten, Straw Underwing and Blackneck all good for this area.

Diamond back, Dicrorampha sp, Bird Cherry Ermine and Eudonia lacustrata.

Latticed Heath, Mompha propinquella, Crambus perlella and Pammene aurana.

 Due to the heat on Friday I left some sugar water soaked kitchen roll in each trap for them to drink until dusk, but on Saturday I released them all in thick cover straight away in the morning. Some night species will feed during the day if its warm so I gave them a chance to do that.


Gibster said...

Great to see somebody is still getting decent catches to light, the rest of the country seems fecked. Some decent moths there buddy!

No idea regards Blogger messing up the background image. I changed mine a couple of weeks back to find it sat in the corner like a postage stamp, now I too have no image. Online forums show that lots of folks are experiencing this, yet Blogger seems unable/unwilling to repair it. You know that saying about if something isn't broken......

Stewart said...

Hi Seth Im pleased its not just me having issues. Ive just seen Stave Gales blog and he has changed it all so i might try and follow suit when I get a minute. Aye the warmer spell has been giving decent moth catches...