Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gardening Leave...

I didn't post yesterday, because there wasn't too much new to add on the bird front other than Black headed Gull with 3 flying S overhead.

Other garden wildlife picked up though as the temperature rose in the sunshine. Small Tortoiseshell and Tree Bumblebee were new for the year and in the afternoon an intriguing hoverfly stopped briefly. I though at first it was a Bee Fly, it was overall ginger and furry but without the proboscis. It has a pale whitish face too. It was too brief to be sure and I didnt manage a photo but it could have been  Criorhina berberina of the form oxyacanthae that mimics the Common Carder Bumblebee. At this early date I cant see it being anything else.

Mammals made a garden appearance yesterday with an emerging Hedgehog and a Brown Hare in the back field.

The moth trap has been good this last day or two, after a very poor February.

Pale Pinion

Powdered Quaker

Twin-spotted Quaker

Diurnea fagella

Red Sword-grass

Common Quaker

Early Grey

Red Chestnut

The Moth Trap...

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