Monday, November 10, 2008

At work today I felt obliged to call and see if the Waxwings were still at Woodhorn Motors. 25 of them were, but all of the rowan berries have been scoffed. The birds were flying over the road behind the new flats to feed.

I chatted to a nice couple from Liverpool who were up visiting friends. These Waxwings were their first, and they seemed very pleased with them ( who wouldn't be, I still enjoy everyone like it was my first, thats the appeal of these tufty russians).

Dave Dack rang me to say that he'd found a Pallas's Warbler on the mound to keep the Hume's and Yellow browed Warblers company, but I don't think either of those were seen today. The Desert Wheatear was still on the boulder beach at Alcan despite going awol for a couple of hours and the Bluetail still on Holy Island.

Work, it just gets in the way of real life...


abbey meadows said...

Work certainly does. I'm about to start a week of nights. I'll be off later in the week though. Hopefully there will still be a few birds about.

John Malloy said...

At least with shift work I get to have the occasional hour out during the dark winter months... mind you I'm always tired and grumpy!! DW was on cliff just south of Beacon Point this afternoon