Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Heatwave Moths

The last few days have resulted in a continued set of decent moth catches in the garden . 

Whilst our heatwaves are very different to those in the rest of England we did achieve the dizzy heights of 31.5 degrees at work yesterday while the hottest its been at home is 28.2 degrees ( two thermometers, one on the house and the car reading)  . Still way too warm for me. I've seen people up here posting pics of car thermometers at 41 degrees etc in Northumberland. Basically the thermometer is knackered! I can't forsee a day when our county is warmer than Heathrow.

Anyway, its certainly warm enough to get plenty of moths on the wing. One lucky non-moth-er in Alnwick found a Death's Head Hawk-moth on her washing line yesterday. No such A listers for me, but a few nice ones will do.

Firstly a lifer - 

Plain Pug. Looks a bit boring but gave a very distinctive look when in the trap. Certainly not common here with a fragmented, mainly coastal, distribution in the county.

Southern Wainscot. Only my 3rd in 13 yrs. Moving northwards...

Epiblema foenella, also my 3rd here, and so far the best condition. 

Dark Marbled Carpet and below. See the sharp angled line in the hindwing? This seperates if from Common Marbled, though DMC occurs between CMC broods. 

Clay triple Lines, my 2nd.

Mompha locupletella

Notocelia roborana

Phyllonorycter sorbi. We think.

Wormwood Pug 

Sorry no recently made up common names for the little fellas. I'm a tradionalist and its taken me years to get used to the latin, so I'm not starting again...

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