Saturday, August 07, 2021


 A bit of a gap in posting on here recently, due in no small part to the broadband going off  9 days ago. BT really are a shower when it comes to customer care. Its just lies, false promises and failed appointments one after another so after a bit of letter writing to the upper echelons in the company we are back in the land of the living.

As it happens, I don't have much to write about as work and household commitments have put birding on a back seat and even garden mothing has been intermittent. Hopefully we will be at full strength again from now.

I have managed to keep the insect-table stocked with fruit and drizzled with moth sugar on most days. There have been no visits from the targets yet, Old Lady and Red Underwing, but there is time yet. On the moth front there has been Large Yellow Underwing, Dark and Light Arches, Common Rustic agg, July Highflyer, Shuttle shaped Dart, Smoky Wainscot, Six striped Rustic, Herald etc. During the day it keeps the wasps away from us and also attracts a few butterflies with Comma, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood all having a go. 


Herald on the sugar table.
Since the last post, a few interesting things for my garden have turned up in the moth trap - 

Clockwise from Top left - White Satin, Sand Dart, Eudonia lineola, Hemp Agrimony Plume.

Gold Spangle, Agonopterix angelicella, Dark Marbled Carpet and Aethes smeathmaniana

Epiblema foenella, Caryocolum fraternella, Mompha locupletella and Red barred Tortrix. 


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