Monday, January 04, 2021

The List begins...

 Alan Tilmouth suggested we do a 5km radius from home lockdown list this year which sounds good. For me it must nearly double my existing patch which is around my house anyway. 

The 5km radius from home above and my existing patch below. It merges the Boulmer and Howick patches into one.

I will keep it in mind, but the likelyhood is, I wont visit most of the area, focussing on my usual two 'patches'.

So far in 2021, the weather has been pretty grim with heavy rain and sleet flooding everywhere and strongish onshore winds making it quite cold. I have been out and about each day for no more than a couple of hours, most wanders have been attached to the dog...

In doing this I have gathered a reasonable 4 day total of 79 species around the village, the best being Hooded Crow, Mediterranean Gull, Brent Goose, Kingfisher, Grey Plover and Purple Sandpiper.

Yesterday was damp but interesting with a good count of 229 Curlew feeding in the now soaked field along the coast path at the bathing house, 11 Stock Doves was also a decent total for here while a short seawatch had over 300+ Kittiwakes N along with about 20+ Gannets both tricky to get this early in the year ( though both are abundant from summer onwards). 25+ Siskins and 9 Tufted Duck were at the Pond Field and a Snipe was an oddity on our small village pond. The local Barn Owl showed well one day from the kitchen window while 450+ Pink footed Geese flew south overhead.

Nothing to get birders arriving so far but its nice to get the foundations laid...



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