Saturday, January 02, 2021

2021 and on and on.

 'Happy' New Year all.

This time last year I tweeted my plans ahead - Here . What I was going to do. As it happens a bit of it fell at the first hurdle, so this year I am not making plans. I have some intentions, but planning ahead? No.

In 2020 I did increase both my Blogging output and my Notebook work, so they were positives. Working from home and with restrictions preventing us going too far resulted in more local patch coverage and a record high species total, so, again, it shows that something worthwhile came from watching the home area.

Hopefully, at least these two projects will be built on over the coming 12 months but we never know what is around the corner. As I write this one of my friends is suffering from the dreaded Covid, whilst another is self isolating, filled with worry as two of his family have also tested positive. Luckily, for the minute, they are both managing it so once they are over this next two or three weeks it will be a great relief.

We have a couple of usable vaccines available now, but it seems this government can even cock the use of this right up, so even that glimmer of hope is being held at finger tip length away. Maybe this time next year things will have improved? I hope so.

Over the coming 12 months I intend to do my best just to get through it and hope that all of you will too.

At least now we are past the shortest day, so with the first Snowdrops and Aconites showing their sunny faces things may indeed improve.



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