Monday, November 09, 2020


Now that all of my work time is spent at home I can record some birds and wildlife on most days. Usually I would be away to the office during the hours of daylight so blog posts would be thin on the ground, not least because I see very little.

This week I have tried to have half an hour viz mig each morning, soon after sunrise, just along the road, maybe 100 mtrs, from our house.  This is not a hill top, an escarpment or an island in the landscape, its just a random bit of east coast that is 19 metres above sea level on a rise in the road. It gives a clear 360 view thanks to the decimated intensively farmed surrounding countryside.

The view below is facing north along the coast road. Migrating birds seem to follow the line of the road give or take a hundred metres so counting is pretty straight forward.

Not a usual viz mig spot.

My timings and counts are below - 

2nd November 0715 - 0745

Snow Bunting          1 S
Crossbill 6,4,6       16 S
Siskin 9,4              13 S
Goldfinch 15,9,6   30 S
Meadow Pipit         1 S  
Redpoll 3,1            4 S

3rd  1530 - 1600 
Whooper Swans 42,12,11     65 S
Didn't have time to count in the morning.

4th 0715 - 0745
Egret sp         1 S likley Great White Egret but no size comparison and bird backlit in morning sun. 3hrs later a Great White Egret flew south at East Chevington so it must have stopped on route?
Whooper Swan     10 S
Twite                     4  S

by 10.30am - 
Pink footed Geese 1800 S
Barnacle Geese         2 W
Skylark                     13 S

5th 0715 - 0745
Brambling         5 W
Meadow Pipit   6 S
Siskin                1 S
Grey Wagtail     1 S 
Song Thrush 4 new in.
Pink footed Goose all day total 2300+ S over our garden.
Crossbill           3 S

6th 0715 - 0830
Pink footed Geese 600+ S 6 N
Crossbill                    10 N
Pied Wagtail                 1 S
Whooper Swan 4, 9   13 S
Fieldfare                        1 W
Song Thrush                 2 W
Meadow Pipit                 6 S  1 W
Canada Geese                50 N
Great spotted Woodpecker  1 S high dropped in to the farm, may have been local?
Peregrine                     1 imm low S.

7th 0850 - 0920
Little moving.
Meadow Pipit    2 S
Rock Pipit         1 S
Redwing            1 W
Fieldfare             10 W

Not big totals but its great to see the change over of birds moving through our site. Soon it will be all over...


Steve Gale said...

Some of those species, and those totals, over my garden would be unbelievable. Fancy swapping the odd Pink-foot and Whooper for a few parakeets?

Stewart said...

Definitely, I keep hoping for a parrot on the garden list...

derek said...

Matter of time, they are in Newcastle already

Stewart said...

Indeed, but the 40 miles leap north might be a bridge too far?