Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A final flurry...

 On Sunday morning the weather was quite good for a late arrival of thrushes on the coast. It was misty with a light SSE breeze.

I popped down to Boulmer for a few hours from 8am and spent my time in the southern half of the patch, taking in the village down to Seaton Point and Foxton GC layby.

It was very obvious that thrushes were arriving in small numbers, some grounded and many continueing their migration westward. High flying Blackbirds, like Dunnocks, are always a fixation for me, these familiar birds spend most of their lives less than 20 feet from the ground, then in migration get up to good heights across open country. Isnt migration amazing!

Overall I counted 1 Brambling, 70 Fieldfare, 34 Redwing, 91 Blackbirds, 1 Mistle Thrush and 22 Song Thrush coming in. There was little else, I couldn't even flush a woodcock.

Looking out to sea, 3 Pintail associated with 8 Wigeon offshore and the usual common waders fed in the muddy patches between the rocks.

Monday was a return to the working bedroom office but as I have mentioned, I still had a couple of short dog walks locally. Along the coast path were 1 Woodcock, 12 Blackbirds, with another 10 in my garden eating windfall apples and a Brambling called from the small wood.

In the afternoon there was some excitement when young Dan Langston came up with the goods yet again, his razor sharp eyes never let him down, by finding a Dusky Warbler on the very spot on Seaton Point where I was counting Thrushes yesterday. It was later in the day and I couldn't get away from work but it was made easier when the bird was very difficult to see well in dead bracken and hawthorn.

Tuesday was similar, another Woodcock on the coast path with 2 Brambling, 8 Blackbird, 1 Song Thrush and a few Redwing calling in the fog over head. 

Lunch was a more leisurely affair today when I clocked off to nip along for Daniel's Dusky.

What an excitable bird. It gave us the run around for an hour, giving only calls and flight views or tantalising shaking bracken stems until it eventually sat out in sunshine for all of a few seconds. I wasn't quick enough with my camera but Dan was, capturing my exact view. Thank you Dan for not only finding another new species for Boulmer, but for giving me one of your photos too...check out his blog in the side bar...

You might need to click on this but its a nice 'birder's' shot of the Dusky Warbler by Dan Langston. 

Back home into the office, more familiar fare was in the garden as a male Blackcap fed on apples.

Its great to see the local season going out with such a bang!


Fleetwood Bird Observatory said...

I love migratory Dunnocks Stewart. The way they call excitedly as they fidget and climb to the top of a bush before throwing themselves into the air, then circle round a few times before heading off. Brilliant!

Stewart said...

Hi Seamus, In some years I see them like or even with Meadow Pipits heading south along our coast path. It looks so odd. This year I havent actually seen many on viz mig but there have been an increase along the coast. Migration is just excellent. Shame its over for another year...Best wishes...