Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 All this good seawatching weather recently has been a death knell for moth trapping, but I have had a few before the winds swung north. One in particular was a new species for me and might be the most Northerly UK record to date - 

Clay Triple Lines.

I used to record these in my first attempts at moth trapping in the 90s at Stobswood. They didnt occur in the county then and I was only using the Chinery insect guide for id purposes. I was clearly miss identifying Riband Wave of the non banded form....

More standard autumn species are the mainstay of the sessions - 

Grey Chi

Yellow line Quaker

Canary shouldered Thorn, in short supply again this year.

Large Wainscot

Pink barred Sallow

Flounced Chestnut

Lunar Underwing of the plainer orange form. 

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