Monday, March 23, 2020

Garden List from 20th March... BWKM0

As promised in my earlier post, here is a list of birds seen strictly in or from the garden since Saturday. This is never going to be a huge list. It maybe the ultimate 'local patch' that we can possibly do though so as an enforced exercise it will be interesting.

Being rurally located alongside the east coast is the factor that provides hope. Although I can't actually see the sea as we are in a dip I can hear it and the Kittiwakes nesting on our local cliffs 300 mtrs away.

The adjacent habitat is mixed farmland with some woodland to the south about 500 mtrs away so this will always give better diversity over a totally landlocked or urban situation, but its the viz migging I am looking forward to. Siskins and Meadow Pipits moving north are standard but one day I might get a Red Kite, White Stork or Crane who knows.

Here is the situation so far -

1. Fulmar - 1 low east over the house this afternoon. They fly inland each day to inspect the local quarry cliffs so are a given garden bird here.

2. Buzzard - 1 mewing over the pines on top of the hill from our drive this afternoon.

3. Grey Partridge -  2 pairs squabbling and chasing in the back field today.

4. Pheasant  -  a male loves our garden every morning.

5. Oystercatcher - 10 feeding in the pasture up the hill to the Hips Heugh. In spring and autumn they are a day bird here.

6. Herring Gull - 3 W over head this afternoon.

7. Woodpigeon - the most easily visible bird in the UK can be seen everywhere.

8. Great spotted Woodpecker - 1 male on our feeders today.

9. Meadow Pipit 11+ passage birds in a flock in the back field this afternoon.

10. Wren - 1 skulking around the ivy on our wall today.

11. Dunnock - 5 together below our feeders today.

12. Robin - Still 3 coming to the feeders with some agro between them.

13. Blackbird - A pair in the garden are very tame.

14. Chiffchaff - 1 in the garden on Saturday, numbers still low here. Will increase as the weather improves.

15. Blue Tit
16. Great Tit
17. Coal Tit   - all constantly at our feeders.

18. Jackdaw - 40+ in our village everyday mob the feeders if I let them!

19. Carrion Crow 4+ mooching around the lambs in the Hips Heugh field this afternoon.

20. Starling - up to 10 at our feeders each morning.

21. House Sparrow - 10+ at feeders today.

22. Tree Sparrow - 34 at our feeders today. Nest building will start soon in my boxes.

23. Chaffinch - Half a dozen around the feeders daily.

24. Goldfinch - 2 at feeders this afternoon.

25. Bullfinch 1 male at Cherry buds ina neighbours garden this afternoon.

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Steve Gale said...

I think that you’ll do very well indeed Stewart.

Eyes to the skies...