Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Remember when all we had to worry about was the weather in February? Back then storms were the weekend accompaniment. Dark nights pressed on and winds buffeted us around our local patch. Birds were few and far between.

Now here we are in the middle of March and things have gone from bad to worse. Much worse.

The weather is still none too clever with westerly strong winds just about every few days ( usually weekends) but now the surreal is upon us. The Corona Virus or Covid-19 seems all set to bring ruin and despondency to us all. Every single bit of news media is hell bent on telling us that we are about to die, if not by the virus, by starvation or lack of medical assistance for other ailments. The boundaries change daily with Bojo looking like he is in the worst throes of it as he announces science corrections and U turns at every corner. 

On the BBC tonight, madness prevailed. News bulletin after news bulletin told us in detail how many people will die ( up to 20,000 all being well but up to 250,000 in a worse case scenario) and how the whole economy will go to shit leaving us languishing in a Mad Max style vision of the future, then Holby City was cancelled because it was making us depressed! You couldn't make this up!

As you can see, the whole thing has me thoroughly miserable.

Hopefully this bloody awful spell will be over soon... one way or another.

At least the 300+ Frogs in a small moorland pond last weekend seemed happy enough...


Steve Gale said...

Stewart - a deft summing up. It’s amazing how much doom and despondency is fed to us via the media. The shops here have started to resemble a gap-toothed grin, but as long as you are not too fussy you can still buy a week’s shopping. It’s funny how certain foods remain untouched by dint of not being a staple choice of many. Keep safe and keep well!

Mike Kilburn said...

Just spent my lunchtime delving deep into your great blog Stewart. I'm a keen patch birder, but due to moving or my patches succumbing to development pressure I don't have anything like the continuity you do at a single site, so I have instead gone for BirdForum threads rather than starting my own blog . . although you're blog, as well as one or two others inspiring me to think again

Many thanks for keeping at it and, between the great watercolours and the megas - what an experience that Giant Petrel must have been! - providing a great sense of the transitions of the seasons and an insight into an area which is utterly different from my own birding experience.

Mike Kilburn

Stewart said...

Hi both sorry for missing out on these comments!

Mike, get a blog set up it will keep you going over this period of uncertainty...