Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bleak House

Ours, that is. In an almost Robinson Crusoe style, it is now 17 days since I have been birding. Even dog walks around the doors have been either in the dark or in storm conditions. I shouldn't complain because the Northumberland coast has been positively summery when compared to the weather in the western reaches. We have had heavy rain and strong wings but some sun too, I know because I can see it from the window of our office at work.

Although I have an untouched compliment of annual leave at my finger tips, I am choosing not to go there while this foul weather persists, instead saving it for more productive times.

So far this year my moth trap has been out once and I have even not been out for the last two weekend, something that may be unprecedented in recent times!

I wonder what this Sunday will be like? At least the sun is rising over the horizon now at 07.25. I can feel it, there will be some good weather soon...

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