Sunday, March 05, 2017

To the Northumberland Moors....

A reasonable forecast and it being March drew us to head westwards for all of  6 miles from Alnwick. Its always a chancy visit, birding inland during March, but it makes a change.

Today we made a few stops and did some leg knackering walks up muddy slopes onto boggy, tussocky moorland, to be honest, seeing very little. One thing did stand out however, and that was the view...

On the bird front, a few new species of the year made an appearance with 3+ Red Grouse, 20+ Crossbills and a ringtail Hen Harrier. Other than that, 2 pairs of Stonechat, a few Redpolls including a couple of Mealy candidates that were a little too distant or brief to confirm and 8+ Buzzards.

A Roe Deer and a sniper lying prostrate with his rifle ( he was visible to the naked eye at quarter of a mile due to the lack of camouflage on face and hands, take note)  were the only other things of note...

These lichens look like a forest scene from Avatar.

The only bird shot of the day, a Siskin. The forests were full of them. 

Warm sun drying the dew from last night.

Well, you have to, after a long uphill struggle.

Click on this to see the snow capped Cheviots in the distance.

Black Lough

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