Thursday, November 05, 2015


For the last two days our village has looked a bit like this. These pics were taken on Tuesday when it didnt lift at all. Still, a few interesting things were to be seen.

In those bushes below the tall pines, were 2 Chiffchaffs. One called a bit like a Sibe Chiff, with the hoarse piping tone, but the other was just standard Chiffchaff call. The thing is both looked very similar and I couldnt tell which was making what noise. The fog made the colours very tricky to confirm but one was definitely paler than the other.

This morning an ad Mediterranean Gull was with 300 Black-headeds in the top field, a new one for the year, a Brambling flew S and 2 Redwings were in-off.

Yesterday 35 Siskins were new arrivals along the lane, and I found a new fungi again below the tall pines. Its called the Grey Knight Tricholoma terreum  -

146. Mediterranean Gull

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

What a wonderful name for a mushroom "The Grey Knight" is!