Sunday, February 01, 2015

New month, new birds....

Only 2 hours in the field today due to other more pressing things, but the time was very productive. Out of those two hours, 1 hour 15 mins was spent sitting in the car gazing at the sea at Craster, and the rest was a short walk along our lane with Bunty...

Over the last 24 hours or so there has been a strong NNW wind blowing to almost a gale along the coast here. It was bitterly cold too, so I thought it might shuffle some sea birds up a bit.

11.35am - 1pm Viewing from Craster had -

Little Auk  31 N
Razorbill 3+ many other auks too far off to id.
Guillemot 3+ as above.
Kittiwake 7 N 
Gannet 7 N 
Goldeneye 9 N 
Velvet Scoter 1 drake N 
Shelduck 3N
Long tailed Duck 1 duck N
Red throated Diver 1 N 

Back home, a short walk along the lane was at least sheltered from the cold wind and made even better when a nice pinky male Lesser Redpoll appeared above the burn after having a drink. Pity the camera was at home...

Out of that lot, 8 species were added to the patch year list. The seabirds are a bit premature, especially the Little Auks, Velvet and Long tailed Duck, all species I expect in the final quarter of the year, not the first.

83. Little Auk
84. Razorbill
85. Guillemot
86. Kittiwake
87. Velvet Scoter
88. Shelduck
89. Long-tailed Duck
90. Lesser Redpoll



Steve Gale said...

Nice.... Stuff I could only fantasise about inland here in Surrey.

Stewart said...

I suppose so Steve, 8 of those in the sea list would be a bit mega for Surrey! Still good to get here so early in the campaign...

Good luck for Feb, any targets?

Steve Gale said...

To be honest Stewart I am happy plodding on accepting whatever comes my way, but something unexpected like a Short-eared Owl would be most welcome.

Stewart said...

I would like a Short eared too, only had two here in 5 years though, so chances slim. Good luck.
This month I am mostly keeping to the coast to target any white winged gull. While doing that, I might chance on a hatful of other possibilities...I'll save Stock Dove for spring...

Amanda Peters said...

Some nice birds seen, just got a new camera with a good zoom on so hoping to see more birds this year...
Amanda xx