Saturday, January 31, 2015

Month end Patchwork Challenge.

Not a bad month especially as I have been quite casual about it. Yesterday a very brief dog walk added two waterfowl species, Tufted Duck and Little Grebe and a similar wind blasted sortie today added Gannet. Total - 82 species for 88 points.

The percentage thing is a bit more skewed - my PWC baseline is 134 species from last years score. This gives me 61.19%. But, for my friendly challenge with Steve Gale in Surrey I have given a bigger start to allow for his total landlocked, no nature reserve status with 140 species base line. For this one I am on 58.57%.

Months highlights are - Raven, Kingfisher, Grey Plover, Stonechat and Brambling. Nothing earth shattering there, but a good start all the same.

80. Tufted Duck
81. Little Grebe
82. Gannet


Steve Gale said...

You are sir, too kind with those figures...

Stewart said...

I'm hoping I get a kick up the arse and chase my own totals! Cant beat a bit of motivation ;)