Sunday, December 04, 2011

Barns and Trees.

A cold but fine day with only a light NW breeze. Quite nice for the time of year.

Around about the village today. First off, a dog walk north to Cullernose Point found a nice fw Mediterranean Gull with other gulls and pigeons feeding in stubble. A flock of 12 grey geese came right over head and looked very like Beans but I can't be sure. Pity that, that's a good bird for the patch.

Back home, Tree Sparrows are now up to 14 and are second only to House Sparrow for most abundant garden bird. A Sparrowhawk did its best to reduce their numbers, but it nearly became lunch itself when a neighbours cat lunged at it, flushing the whole garden.

The Barn Owls looked nice catching some rays while they still can.

Further up just past the Hall a very dark Red Squirrel complete with black tail was caching food right on the roadside. Whats the betting it gets flattened this week. I hope it goes back into the woods...

At dusk we walked down to the pond where things have gone quiet since being shot last weekend, but a Goldeneye skulked along the edge and 2 Woodcocks flushed in Village Wood.



abbey meadows said...

I thought I might have been missing something mega locally when I saw the heading Barns and Trees thinking there were a couple of Swallows around. Nice pics Stew. Interesting Long eared Owl sighting, I have caught a glimpse of a dark Owl flying at night along the A1 on a couple of occasions but couldn't get close enough.

Stewart said...

Hi Nigel. No, no rarities up here I'm afraid but still some nice bits and pieces.

Cheers Stewart

johny said...
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johny said...
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Stewart said...

Johnny -I would be grateful if you stopped commenting on this blog. what on earth HID lights are is beyond me but it is bugger all to do with Tree Sparrows thats for sure!

I will not view your link as it looks like a spam site to me.