Friday, March 25, 2011

New Additions..

Last week I forgot to mention, I was feeding the birds in the garden when a Crossbill flew north, calling. Yesterday, out with the terriator down the coast path I heard a  faint call of a Lapland Bunting. Scanning the skies I didnt see anything, then after about 10 minutes, it lifted off the field with 2 Linnets and circled around. It seemed to land behind Howick Haven, but I've checked this morning and there's no sign.

Still no Wheatears either.... I suppose it is early for them up here but I thought this mild spell would have had an effect....

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Ghost of Stringer said...

Nice one with the lap Stewart, I think they are trickling north again. I had a couple last week at Low Newton inc a nice bright (presumably) male bird. Well worth keeping em peeled the next few weeks, I guess there could still be more to come ?

A couple of wheatears at Newton this week apparently, and had my first swallow of the year yesterday on a site in Co Durham.