Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Swallow doesnt make a summer....

...but 3 does. Get in! Our village Swallows are back and onto my list. We saw them last night hawking above the paddock from our garden. Another OFFH list first last night was a Barn Owl that flew along the back field at dusk and over our neighbours house, to hunt. A two tick day, not bad.....

Last nights Garden Moth Survey was quite good, being mild and calm but clear....

Diurnea Fagella 3
Agonopterix heracliana 1
Shoulder Stripe 3
Water Carpet 3, first for the year. Our local Robins like these...oops.
Brindled Pug 1 a new species for me.
Double striped Pug 2 new for the garden
Early Thorn 3
Red Chestnut 2
Small Quaker 1
Powdered Quaker 3
Common Quaker 25
Clouded Drab 26
Hebrew Character 40
Chestnut 4

A total of 117 moths of 14 species.

Top Left, Double striped Pug, Top right, Brindled Pug, Bottom Left Shoulder Stripes, Bottom Right, Water Carpet.

OFFH List 114


Broom Birder said...

A really good catch. I still haven't had Shoulder Stripe, but then again it's a woodland species........and I've got no woods!

Anonymous said...

A good haul there Stewart, considering the clear conditions.

Emma Anderson said...

Another super catch, Stewart. I've not bought my noth trap yet but still plan to do so.

abbey meadows said...

A very good haul Stew and some fine pics. Like Emma I'm mulling over buying a moth trap at present.

Warren Baker said...

Yep! Summer is trying to get in ! it sure felt like it today.
Enjoy the Swallows Stewart!

PS I think I fond another Greenlander today :-)

Stewart said...

Matt - Woods about 300 yds away.
Emma - Go for it, its a whol new hobby out there!
Nigel - You too!
Warren - Wheatears are as rare as rocking horse do here this year...